This “cunto” is a handy natural history of the Sirens. It is also a “moral history.” The story takes place in Vigàta, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Sirens are not fish with lipstick. They are fecund women, terribly seductive. They live among men. They inhabit the same places, but they do not live at the same time. They come from a depth of millennia: they are too old or too young, above life and death. […] Maruzza gets married to Gnazio. Happily. The new life of a Siren with husband and children begins. The eldest son Cola becomes an astronomer. He discovers a star. He names it Resina, after his sister, the Little Mermaid.
Salvatore Silvano Nigro

A fairy tale in which myth and history, but also art, architecture and astrology are intertwined. A boundless fantasy bridled in the tale of a life lived intensely. Camilleri’s most poetic novel.