The young Giurlà is a goat herder. […] As a herd-keeper in the highlands, he could have been destined for the lonely fate of Jeli the shepherd. Instead, Giurlà lands on a prairie. He feels the alarm of the senses. And he seeks warmth in a goat’s fur coat, between muzzling and frolicking. The goat, Beba, is solitary: stubborn and faithful; but also of touchy jealousy. […] Beba is feral and mysteriously human. She knows how to love and be loved. Giurlà is, in turn, a lover who cannot stand the distance; nor the waiting. […] The fable of the goat-woman is one of naked tenderness.
Salvatore Silvano Nigro

«The best of me resides in this fantastic trilogy…. The first in the series is Maruzza Musumeci; after the story of the mermaid-woman, that of a woman who attempts to turn into a tree, told in The Line Inspector, and a third novel about a goat-woman: a trilogy of metamorphoses.»
Andrea Camilleri