Le ossa parlano

A cold case for Deputy Police Chief Schiavone, who takes it not as the usual tenth-grade breakup, but with painful compassion, because this is perhaps his cruelest investigation. Antonio Manzini proceeds another chapter in his character's great novel. A unique novel composed of multiple intricate detective stories that explore the complexities of human nature.

A retired doctor discovers human bones in the woods. It is the corpse of a child. Michela Gambino of the Aosta forensic unit, in private so imaginatively paranoid that Rocco Schiavone often feels like he is in a psychiatric ward, but extraordinarily competent, manages to determine the main details: about ten years old, death by strangulation, probable violence. Examination of the findings, a complex and obstacle-filled investigation, finally leads to a name and a date: Mirko, who disappeared six years earlier. His mother, a single woman, had never resigned. He had last been seen sitting on a low wall near the school after class, apparently waiting for someone. A cold case for detective Deputy Police Chief, who takes it not as the usual tenth-grade breakdown, but with painful compassion, and with the disgust of having to deal with the secret codes of an inhuman world. An investigation that forces him to logic, to proceed systematically, to decipher messages and clues from underground environments. And to collaborate closely with colleagues and subordinates, whose private lives he becomes increasingly familiar with: Antonio's reckless loves, Italo's shipwreck, Casella's and Deruta's recent romantic accommodations, even D'Intino's unexpected sensitivity, the ultimately comic fixations of the two from the lab. Surrounding him are the echoes of the past of which the ghost of Marina, his murdered wife, is the throbbing commentary. He realizes more and more that he is inadequate for other loves. It is as if loneliness is becoming the demanding companion he cannot do without. This is perhaps Rocco Schiavone's cruelest investigation. The loneliness of the child victim is total, perennial, metaphysical, and hovers over the busy affairs of all the characters making them feel utterly futile to Rocco, confirming him in his deep-seated pessimism. In Le ossa parlano, Antonio Manzini proceeds another chapter in his character's great novel. A unique novel composed of multiple intricate detective stories that explore the complexities of human nature.

Antonio Manzini was born in Rome in 1964.
He is an actor, screenwriter and writer.
He graduated from the Silvio d'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome in 1988.
He has written screenplays for Alex Infascelli (Il siero della vanità, 2004) and Gabriele Salvatores (Come Dio comanda, 2008).
He is the television author of Il delitto di Via poma (directed by Roberto Faenza), numerous episodes of Squadra Antimafia and Il XII apostolo.
He was editor and screenwriter of the series Benvenuti a tavola 2 and Buscetta boss dei due mondi. In 2016, he directed his first film Cristian e Palletta contro tutti.
In 2005 he published his first novel: Sangue Marcio (Fazi editore), followed by La giostra dei criceti (Einaudi, 2007, reissued by Sellerio, 2017) and the short stories: Il mio tesoro and Giochiamo, with Niccolò Ammaniti (published in Crimini and in Il momento è delicato, Einaudi).
For Sellerio, he has published the novels in the successful series of Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone: Pista nera (2013), La costola di Adamo (2014), Non è stagione (2014), Era di maggio (2015) and 7-7-2007 (2016), Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (2016), Pulvis et umbra (2017), Fate il vostro gioco (2018), Rien ne va plus (2019), Ah l'amore l'amore (2020) Vecchie conoscenze (2021) and Le ossa parlano (2022). From these novels is based the TV series Rocco Schiavone, on air on Rai 2 since November 2016, of which Antonio Manzini is scriptwriter together with Maurizio Careddu.
Also for Sellerio he published Sull'orlo del precipizio (2015), several short stories later collected in the anthology L'anello mancante (2018), Ogni riferimento è puramente casuale (2019), Gli ultimi giorni di quiete (2020), La mala erba (2022), Elp (2023) and Riusciranno i nostri eroi a ritrovare l’amico misteriosamente scomparso in Sud America? (2023).
For Chiarelettere he published Orfani bianchi (2016).
His novels have been translated in several countries.

His latest novel is Tutti i particolari in cronaca (Mondadori, 2024).